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Comparison between X.400 and the Internet mail.

1996-02-05 02:46:25
I am a masters student writing a masters thesis, about the success and 
failures of the Internet mail and X.400, and will be most grateful if you 
could spare sometime to answer the following few questions;
1) That are the advantages and disadvantages of the methodology of 
standard development used by ITU/ISO, and  that used by IETF,and how have 
the two methods contributed to the failure or success of the 
two E-mail systems?
2)What factors do you think have caused the deviation between the 
standard specifications and what is in reality implemented in X.400 and 
the internet mail systems?
3)Apart from the ugliness of the X.400 address structure, which other 
demerits does it have, does it have any merits?
4)What are the merits and demerits of the Internet mail address structure?
5)What are the advantages and disadvantages of ASN.1 used in X.400 and 
the text oriented EBNF used in the Internet Mail?
6) what are the advantages and the disadvantages of the routing methods 
used in the X.400 and the Internet mail?

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