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Re: questions on QP, non-text attachments and munpack

1996-02-08 19:55:55
hansen(_at_)pegasus(_dot_)att(_dot_)com wrote:

    o   Is my mailer correct in believing that it should be able to use QP
        for non-text attachments? After all, QP IS supposed to just be an

    o   Is munpack wrong in stripping CR's when dealing with non-text

I believe the answers are "no" and "yes".  It's true that QP is "just"
an encoding, but it's an encoding for line-based data, which implies
that the data should be CRLF while on the wire, but may be converted to
the local newline convention when decoded.  Base64 doesn't include this
implication.  So for non-line-baseddata, you need to use Base64.

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