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Mail Ubiquitous Security Extensions..

1996-03-15 08:36:21
A BoF was held at the LA IETF meeting at which a draft was distributed 
in hard copy having the following abstract:

"Secure electronic mail can provide authentication of the source of mail and
confidentiality for its contents.  These features are becoming increasingly
important as the Internet expands. However, use of secure mail is still rare
due to the problems of key distribution and lack of migration to secure mail
enabled user agents.  This draft proposes partial solutions to these two
problems by using coarser grained identity to permit authentication and
confidentiality without user agent change, and DNS security for key

A slightly polished version of this draft will be sent to Internet Drafts
within a few days.  A mailing list has been set up which should be open for
discussion in a few days possibly leading to the formation of a Working
Group.  You can subscribe by sending mail to majordomo(_at_)imc(_dot_)org with
"subscribe ietf-muse" in the body. 

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