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MailConnect 2 / 26-27 March 97: Email Interoperability testing

1997-03-05 12:08:29
The Internet Mail Consortium is sponsoring a second interoperability
testing event for Internet Mail.

MailConnect 2

        will be held:   Wednesday - Thursday,  26-27 March 1997
        with setup:     available the day before
        at:             San Jose, California Hilton
        testing:        IMAP4 and ESMTP

The details of the testing will be determined by the attendees, based on
discussion on the imc-mailconnect mailing list, beforehand.  This is the
second time we will be testing IMAP4 and the first for SMTP extensions.

The event is for engineering testing, rather than for press and marketing
demonstrations.  These events improve actual interoperability among
independent implementations, typically producing enormous imrpovements
within the very short time of the meeting.

For further details, please see:

To subscribe to the event discusssion list, send a message to
with the single word
in the body of the message.


Dave Crocker, Director                                       +1 408 246 8253
Internet Mail Consortium                                 (f) +1 408 249 6205
127 Segre Place                                             
Santa Cruz, CA  95060 USA                  info(_at_)imc(_dot_)org ,

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