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Re: best name for followups?

1997-07-03 09:17:49
users don't have the information
necessary to set a followup-to email header correctly,

The user simply has to

   (1) create a followup field from Reply-To/To/Cc or From/To/Cc, and
   (2) remove his address if it's covered by a mailing list.

Exactly which information is he missing?

#1 is trivial to do automatically. #2 is also trivial for MUAs that know
which lists the user is on, such as mutt.

Group-Reply-Pref: exclude-me

This is the Mail-Copies-To approach. It covers many simple situations,
as I mentioned---for example, the default situation described above.

However, I prefer a followup field, for the same reason that I like
having a followup field in news: it's more flexible. For example, I can
manually redirect a crossposted discussion away from an inappropriate
mailing list.

Let your users manage their own mailing lists.

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