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Re: UTF-8 in headers

1999-01-27 16:03:15
On Sun, 24 Jan 1999, Charles Lindsey wrote:
Thanks. I have looked at those two RFCs now. I see that there is provision
for certain "names" to be declared a part of the protocol, and that would
apply to all the things I said should be in ASCII (Header names, and the
like). It seems we need a wording somewhere to draw attention to that, but
otherwise I think we comply with that bit.


As regards language names, I would presume that for bodies this is a MIME
matter. Does there exist (or is there a proposal for) a Content-Language:
header, or an equivalent parameter for one of the other MIME headers?

Language in MIME headers is defined in RFC 2231 as an extension to RFC

1. A Language header. That would be simplest, but not so suitable for the
man who wants to give his real name (in a From:) in Chinese, his Subject:
in Arabic, and his Keywords: in Hebrew. Should we care?

This is not an option given headers can include more than one human name,
and human names are probably the touchiest subject for correct language
labelling.  In addition, it requires two-pass parsing of headers.

2. Use RFC 2482 (language tags embedded in UTF-8 text). Extremely
flexible, but would undoubtedly raise howls of protest from users whose
existing agents saw them as a sequence of garbage characters (people who
read news can get exceedingly irate when shown such things - as witness
the railings against HTML in news, or even against any form of Mime).

It's RFC 2482 or RFC 2231.  Take your pick.  Of course, language tags are 
a MUST accept, MAY generate case.

P.S. I think your client has a bug such that when you both post to the
local.mime newsgroup and email to the mailing list, your client omits the
"To" header from the email message

Is it OK now?

Working fine.

                - Chris

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