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Updated Format = Flowed Draft

1999-02-26 20:19:38
The updated Format = Flowed draft is on the I-D sites, such as <>

Here are the changes:

        -  The quote indicator is now ">"
        -  Lines now space-stuffed
        -  Flowed lines now end in one or more spaces
        -  Reconciled text, examples, and ABNF for paragraph definition
        -  Clarified Quoted-Printable instructions
        -  Added "Interpreting Format=Flowed" section
        -  Clarified section on Quoting
        -  Added section on space-stuffing
        -  Added examples to section on "Embarrassing Line Wrap"
        -  Modified "Generating Format=Flowed" and ABNF in light of other
        -  Added IANA and Internationalization sections
        -  Updated Acknowledgments and Internet Draft boiler plate

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