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Re: The <cid: ...> URL - who implements it?

2001-03-05 10:12:41
In <iluelwesbyt(_dot_)fsf(_at_)barbar(_dot_)josefsson(_dot_)org> Simon 
Josefsson <simon(_at_)josefsson(_dot_)org> writes:

Another idea to throw into this thread would be RFC 2387 on the
text/x-okie MIME type, which seem to be a solution to this problem.
It's only used as an example in the RFC, and I do not know if anything
became of the text/x-okie idea, but it shows that others has
considered this to be a problem worth solving before.

OK, but it does introduce a worry that people are defining all sorts of
very specialized Mime extensions for perceived applications, without
looking for more generalized extensions that will cover a whole class of
applications, which implementors of browsers would be more likely to

And how is it that an official RFC has managed to define a token staring
with "x"?

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