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Notification Protocol

2001-07-23 02:02:22
I am resending since this did not went through first time...

John Neystadt

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Sent: Sun, July 22, 2001 11:18 AM
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Subject: Notification Protocol


At the Minneapolis IETF, I have raised the idea of Email Notification
Protocol. Since there was quite an interest of this I have submitted an I-D
and opened a mailing list for the discussion of the protocol. The proposed
name is SNAP - Simple Notification and Alarm protocol.

The I-D is named draft-shapira-snap, but I was late for the cut-off with the
latest revision. The 01 draft (rejected because missed deadline) is attached

I invite all interested parties to join the mailing list by sending
'subscribe snap' to majordomo(_at_)lists(_dot_)neystadt(_dot_)org or using the 
web at

John Neystadt

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