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Searching for implementations of content-language header

2001-08-06 05:16:52

in progressing the content-language draft (the part of RFC 1766 that wasn't just defining language tags) to Draft Standard, I need to know about implementations.

I know about the HTTP implementation report, but would like to know about usage outside of HTTP. (Verification of usage in HTTP is welcome too!) All protocols that use 822-like headers welcome - feel free to forward this request to relevant mailing lists!

In particular:

- Content-language usage
- Accept-language usage
        - With quality factors
        - Without quality factors
- Usage of content-language/accept-language in negotiation

Please send to me privately; I will collect, and send the summary to ietf-languages.

The draft is draft-alvestrand-content-language-02.txt

Thank you!


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