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Re: (ngtrans) Re: ipv6-smtp-requirement comments?

2001-11-10 19:18:26

Keith Moore writes:
*none* of the software (IP, TCP or application) supports IPv6

Funny. I thought we were discussing ``IPv6 SMTP requirements'': things
that every MTA is going to have to do as part of the IPv6 transition.

Apparently you have a different goal. You want to work with existing
MTAs. You want to work with MTAs that don't know anything about IPv6.

In that case, writing a spec is rather idiotic. You have to use the
_existing_ protocols. You have to work with what the MTAs do _now_. In
other words, you have to support IPv4.

Of course, as long as that's the situation, IPv6 is a failure. IPv6
addresses will be functionally identical to 10.* addresses. Users with
these second-class addresses aren't actually on the Internet; they need
application-level relays to talk to the Internet. Everyone will continue
to compete for real Internet addresses: connected IPv4 addresses.