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Re: (ngtrans) including ipv4 address space into ipv6 address space

2001-11-20 02:59:54

IPs are certainly not free.... not in the UK....

Yes they are...

We have 32 IP addresses and don't pay a penny for them. We could have 256 addresses if we wanted, and still not pay any more.

It depends on your ISP, and your type of Internet connection. On cheap/free dial-up connections the ISP will often charge more for an IP address (unless you're with Demon) as there's administration for them to do, but if you have a leased line, most reasonable ISPs will give you whatever IP addresses you want.

The ISP isn't charged for IP addresses. Any charge they make to users is for administrative/configuration work.

> The obvious answer is to charge people for IP addresses rather than the
> current system of giving them away for free.

Paul                            VPOP3 - Internet Email Server/Gateway

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