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Re: MIME-Version (Was Re: gzip-8bit)

2003-04-18 18:16:36

Keith Moore wrote:
The problem with a version number change is that existing clients won't know
how to handle a message with version != 1.0.  So yes, you could change the
version number, but only if you're willing to completely abandon compatibility
with the installed base
To take an example from a slightly different field:  IPv4 and IPv6

Same situation; IPv4 software has no way to deal with IPv6 packets. That hasn't
made all IPv4 software obsolete overnight, nor has it prevented IPv6 software
from being developed and deployed.

It's a matter of benefit vs. cost.  In the case of the original subject, there
were a number of issues related to the overloading of compression (and 
signing, encryption, etc.) onto Content-Transfer-Encoding in addition to
encoding, leading to a combinatorial explosion of potential CTE types, along
with problems for composing MUAs' attempting to automatically select an
appropriate CTE, potential DoS attacks, gateway issues, etc.

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