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Re: RFC 2046 message/partial (sect. 5.2.2) clarification

2003-06-10 09:00:20

On Jun 9, 10:54am, Adam M. Costello wrote:
} Message fragmentation seems pretty hairy.  Does anything actually use
} it?

I don't know of anything currently in common use, but back around 1995
when Z-Mail was bundled on SGI workstations as MediaMail, it included
support for sending large media files as message/partial.  A separate
utility (called, cleverly, the "reassembler") was invoked from sendmail
to stash the parts in a temp directory until they'd all arrived, and
then put the message back together, extract the attachment into a new
file, rewrite the message to refer to the file as an external-body part,
and finally drop the result into the user's spool.