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Re: content-type: text/plain; magic=on; magic=off

2004-05-28 06:49:28

if a message has the content-type field mentioned in the subject, which seems valid as far as I can tell, then which setting wins? Should a compliant mail reader enable or disable magic while reading such a message?

two gut reactions:

1. if a content-type wants to define some behavior in which it makes sense to use the same parameter more than once, I don't recall anything in the MIME spec that prohibits that, and I can think of a few cases where it would be useful. e.g.

content-type: message/external-body; access-type=url; url="";; url="";

could specify multiple locations at which the desired content could be found.

however, I suspect that this would break assumptions made by some implementations, and for that reason I'd probably object to a proposal for a content-type that tried to use the same parameter more than once.

2. there are so many ways to do meaningless or stupid things in email that I doubt it's productive to try to specify the "right" behavior in every case. only the most common errors seem worth the trouble.

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