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Re: MUA Mail Options for a Mailing List [was Re: non-member messages to lists]

2004-11-04 09:05:47

On Mon November 1 2004 12:17, Charles Lindsey wrote:

Thank you for proving my point.

If you had a point, I certainly didn't prove it.

All that says is that RFC 3028 provides no 
machinery for sieving based on the group name

What exactly is "sieving" supposed to mean? "Sieve"
is the name of a filtering language; it is not used
in RFC 3028 as a verb, which you would know if you
had bothered to read it.

Likewise, it cannot sieve out messages

"sieve out"?!?  No such thing.

From: "John Smith". 

That's a syntax error.

So what? It may be regrettable 

It is not regrettable; it is a desirable feature that
non-protocol elements be ignored when making
decisions regarding protocol elements.

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