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Re: ABNF experts sought for OpenPGP header definition

2005-05-21 10:15:19

On Fri May 20 2005 15:39, Simon Josefsson wrote:

Dear all,

We would like help with improving the ABNF for our OpenPGP mail/news
header.  The document and some more info is available from
<>.  FYI, version -01 was just

Before diving into ABNF, some questions:

1. How does this relate to the openpgp working group?

2. Example & question: what's it good for?:
   From: Trust Me <foo(_at_)some-bank(_dot_)com>
   To: undisclosed recipients:;
   Subject: free offer for valued customers
   OpenPGP: DEADBEEF; url=

   Free offer! Click here!
   This isn't spam.  Honest.  You can verify it using PGP!

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