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Re: mail-followup-to / mail-copies-to

2005-05-28 10:40:53

On Sat, 28 May 2005, Bruce Lilly wrote:

You claimed that it was perceived to be a problem based on a misinterpretation of the meaning of Reply-To as "private". The problem is with that misinterpretation (apparently yours).

No, I'm just trying to point out some of the real-world ambiguity around use of Reply-To. The example in 2822 shows the problem, so please stop claiming there is no problem.

Unlikely to happen -- it is a legitimate use and may be appropriate in some contexts.


Oh, it was supposed to be a footnote?  If you meant restricting use of
Reply-To, no, I don;t think it would be appropriate.

Fine, in that case if the meaning of Reply-To can *not* be made more specific, it's not suitable for list usage. In which case some other solution is needed. Eg, 'Foo-Copy-Me'.

("There shouldn't be a way to indicate desire to be copied on list replies" is an /answer/ but not a solution).

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