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Re: gzip/deflate compression/encoding

2005-07-01 15:37:46

On Thu June 30 2005 15:28, ned+ietf-822(_at_)mrochek(_dot_)com wrote:

Doesn't follow. A binary-to-8bit encoding has enough characters available 
the overhead can be limited to at most 1-2%.

for random data.

The yEnc method will yield a 2x expansion for a bitmap image of
an elephant in a fog (every pixel has a value of 0xD6).  That's
considerably worse than a 37% increase.

No, for any data. It is relatively easy to design a scheme that limits the
overhead to 1-2% no matter what the input. The question is which is worth more,
some measure of yEnc compatibility or having this guarantee. I'm persoally
somewhat ambivalent on this and would appreciate hearing other opinions.