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Re: CFWS: beaten, down, kicked to death, and still being flogged (Was Re: Malformed header - what would you do?)

2005-07-25 04:48:18

In <200507221457(_dot_)31149(_at_)mail(_dot_)blilly(_dot_)com> Bruce Lilly 
<blilly(_at_)erols(_dot_)com> writes:

On Fri July 22 2005 09:48, Charles Lindsey wrote:

Now of course we all know perfectly well that was not the intention, as
Appendix B makes clear.

It is an accepted rule of logic that if one starts with a proposition and
by following sound reasoning finds a contradiction, the proposition must be
false.  That is a rule which is fundamental to a significant number of
mathematical proofs, and more than three decades ago was routinely taught
to students. <insert lament about the decline in educational rigor here>

All very true. I stated a proposition, and demonstrated that it followed
from the norative text of RFC 2822. If you claim that you can derive a
contradictionfrom the proposition, then please show us your derivation.

Note, however, that neither Appendix B nor my remark concerning "we all
know perfectly well" form part of the normative text of RFC 2822, hence
their disagreement with the proposition proves nothing, though they are
highly suggestive of the presence of a Bug.

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