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draft-duerst-archived-at-04 (was: New Internet Draft: draft-duerst-archived-at-03.txt)

2005-11-01 06:33:10

There's now a new draft-duerst-archived-at-04.
The change log says:

| 9.1.  Changes from -03.txt to -04.txt
|       Updated from RFC 2234 to RFC 4234.
|       Updated author's address/affiliation.

That doesn't address the comments posted here (= on the
rfc822 list) almost six months ago in:


So there's still a problem with folding excessively long
URLs, and the ABNF is still incorrect.

Minor nits:  Apparently "something eats" many empty lines
separating paragraphs and headers.  The IANA header field
registration form still says archived-at-02.  The new URI
in the author's address is apparently an IRI... </joke>

"Implementation report" (for a DS later):  GMaNe now also
implements Archived-At, for an example compare

<> with
the URL <>.

                          Bye, Frank

(posted in <>)

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