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OT: IMA (IEE BoF) jabber log

2005-11-10 22:30:31

FYI, the IEE BoF jabber log is available at:

Mailing list now also available at GMaNe (NNTP, RSS, search):

The project URL (until IEE is a WG) is apparently:

Interesting snippets from the jabber log (thanks to Lisa):

[15:57:15] <lisa> Harald: There's a not-widely implemented
                          standard for tagging language of
                          email headers (RFC2231)

{16:04:42] <cyrus_daboo>  MUAs are important. There are still
                          many MUAs in use today that do not
                          support utf8 even in the message
                          body. So I agree with Chris.

[16:24:39] <cyrus_daboo>  PS If its not already on the list of
                          things to 'fix': the mailto URI
                          scheme will need some work too.

[16:29:36] <lisa> Keith:  There are multiple ways to fail, and
                          fragmenting the email system is one.
                          People to have to manually manage
                          their technology based on who they're
                          talking to is another. They're both
                          bad, both need to be avoided.

[16:34:24] <lisa> Keith:  If you don't have enough MUA
                          implementors in the room it's hard to
                          know if what you're doing is realistic.
[16:34:38] <lisa> Harald: Mailing list is ima(_at_)ietf(_dot_)org(_dot_)
[16:35:25] <lisa> Harald: The group will continue work on the
                          charter on the mailing list, find a
                          chair, all the usual stuff, and will
                          then continue the conversation with
                          our area director.

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