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2006-02-18 08:28:26

Hi, the ABNF in draft-saintandre-jabberid-00.txt

 "Jabber-ID: " pathxmpp CRLF

is a bit minimalistic.  How about something like this:

 "Jabber-ID:" [CFWS] pathxmpp [CFWS] CRLF

Apparently you need "(" and ")" within <pathxmpp> for
<resalllow>.  That could be tricky with the comments,
so maybe you prefer to use a format without comments:

 "Jabber-ID:" [FWS] pathxmpp *WSP CRLF

For the latter *WSP compare a not yet achnowledged
2822-erratum posted in:

In other words, maybe what you really need is this:

 "Jabber-ID:" [FWS] pathxmpp (*WSP / obs-FWS) CRLF

I'm not sure if new header fields can simply ignore
the obs-FWS case.  You don't have this problem if you
use {CFWS], because 2822 is 100% clear about the "F"
in CFWS, MUSTard, obs-FWS, all imaginable issues.

But with "Jabber-ID:" [CFWS] pathxmpp [CFWS] CRLF
you'll get stuff like this (fold it for more fun):

Jabber-ID: (not(_at_)this(_dot_)test)what(_at_)ever(_dot_)example(c2)

Nit:  You need a IANA section to register this new
header field, for an "IESF-tested" example compare

If your draft is for PS you need change controller
IETF, for informational or similar is okay.
IIRC, better check RFC 3864.
                             Bye, Frank
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