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2007-02-19 00:31:22
(sending again, with a From address that has a chance of getting through....)

I guess that if the lists above still exist, there may be people with an
interest in this proposal for a new W3C activity on them....


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--- Begin Message ---

Following a few personal discussions with friends here in France,
and a thread in a W3C Members-only mailing-list, the W3C
has decided to launch a new mailing-list for issues related to HTML
in email: editing, rendering, interoperability, security, ...
The idea is - for instance - to take advantage of the work done by the
future HTML WG to have an email-safe profile of HTML. That's only one
of the possibilities, just to give you an example.
BTW, that includes HTML emails sent from and received by mobile devices,
of course...

The mailing-list is public-html-mail(_at_)w3(_dot_)org

We also think of having an official W3C workshop on this topic in the
coming weeks or months, and we'll ask for position papers.

Could you please kindly forward this invitation to join the mailing-
list to the key people working on HTML email editing and rendering
in your organization ? Please also forward to anyone working in this
scope, even outside of your own org, who can provide useful thoughts and
help on this subject.

I'll send another message to companies involved in direct email-
based marketing, because their input and help is needed here.

Best regards,

Daniel Glazman

Best Regards,

Title: Research Scientist Email: raman(_at_)google(_dot_)com
Google: tv+raman GTalk: raman(_at_)google(_dot_)com, tv(_dot_)raman(_dot_)tv(_at_)gmail(_dot_)com

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