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Re: 2822bis and ""

2007-03-31 12:35:35

Arnt Gulbrandsen wrote:

In 2822 that address is apparently valid. Should that be so?

FWIW, "" is not allowed as <id-left> in I-D.ietf-usefor-usefor-12
and in an I-D about news URIs based on that approved USEFOR RFC.

It's still allowed in the 2822upd-00 I-D, that draft doesn't yet
support "canonical Message-IDs" as specified in the USEFOR RFC.

An interesting note in 2822 and 2822upd-00 is the "semantical
content" of a quoted-string, it's (no surprise) an empty string
for "".

I'm unsure what a <local-part> that's "semantically empty" might
be, apparently (quote) "it is simply interpreted on the particular
host as a name of a particular mailbox" (unquote 3.4.1).

And SMTP can transport it, so that appears to be fine, ignoring
the question of canonical Message-IDs for the moment.  Better
than "\e2J" for e = ESC, or other NO-WS-CTL cases ;-)


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