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Re: Non destructive folding/unfolding (ie, no insertion of whitespace in unfolding)

2007-11-01 04:27:17

Mikel Lindsaar wrote:
The library currently folds this line as:

That depends, if you replace LWSP by one or more WSP
it's correct, if you allow another CRLF in LWSP it's broken.

I believe that putting the CRLF immediately after the : in the
header field name is in violation of 2822

NAK, wild guess, maybe you confused "header field" with
"header line".  The "header field" consists of the "header
field name" (incl. colon) followed by the "header field body"
(could be empty). The "header field body" can be "folded"
resulting in more than one line, and you can always insert
FWS (e.g. CRLF + WSP) behind the colon.

For values of "always" excluding NetNews articles, where
you can't fold a "header field" before the first non-WSP in
the "header field body", and where you need a "magic SP"
behind the colon (CRLF does not pass as "magic SP" ;-)


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