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Re: New Disposition type: Inline Subordinate

2007-11-05 16:17:31

Hi Qian,
At 23:09 04-11-2007, Qian Sun wrote:
RFC 2183 defines two basic disposition types, i.e. "inline" and "attachment".
But sometimes we need a more elaborate presentation than the existing disposition
types. For example, the current advertisement way in Email or Webpage is very
"evil", sometimes it is difficult for the users to distinguish the real contents
from advertisement, and this is disgusting or confusing. Nowadays many email
service providers insert advertisements in the user's email. The inserted
advertisements normally are displayed at the end of the email, but sometimes the
boundary between advertisements and other real contents is not clear. So that
the recipient may be misunderstanding, the advertisements might be regarded as
the real contents the sender writes.

If the sender does not want his/her message to be misunderstood because of advertisements, he/she could use a service which doesn't insert such content.

However, advertisement is absolutely necessary for the development of internet and mobile applications. In order not to interfere with users much, the technology

I doubt that advertisement is absolutely necessary for the development of the Internet.

for sending advertisement kindly is needed. Email, MMS, IM and SIP messages may
use MIME as their content body, the advertisement could also be inserted into
the message body as a MIME content. Maybe a new disposition type can be defined to help users distinguish the advertisement and the real contents. Its definition
is like this:

If a new disposition type was defined, it might be used by some parties to remove that part of the content.

A bodypart should be marked "inline-subordinate" if it is intended to be displayed automatically upon display of the message, but it should not block other displayed bodyparts, e.g., bodyparts with a regular "inline" disposition type. It is RECOMMENDED that the client render the content marked by inline-subordinate in a separate place away from other inline contents.

Advertisers tends to look for more visibility. If it's away from other inline content, the advertisers won't see their message as being visible to their audience. There's also the question of compatibility with legacy MUAs. Defining a new disposition type won't solve the problem.


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