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Re: Space after colon - text requested

2008-01-24 18:46:56

On Thursday 24 January 2008 21:45:07 Pete Resnick wrote:
| There seems to be a not very strong consensus for some non-normative text.
| I would like some text ****and a specific place in the current
| document to put it****. If you want text, you had better provide me
| with an example and a location.

Here is my attempt:

3.6.  Field definitions

 The header fields of a message are defined here.  All header fields
 have the same general syntactic structure: A field name, followed by
 a colon, followed by the field body.  The specific syntax for each
 header field is defined in the subsequent sections.

    Note: In the ABNF syntax for each field in subsequent sections,
    each field name is followed by the required colon.  However, for
    brevity sometimes the colon is not referred to in the textual
    description of the syntax.  It is, nonetheless, required.

      Note: all structured and unstructured header field bodies defined
      in this document allow an optional WSP as their first character.
      It became a customary practice to place one SP there. Some other
      protocols such as Netnews require such a SP, so a gateway needs
      to modify header fields which do not conform to that stricter
      specification. Moreover, some popular electronic mail message
      transportation programs like to modify header fields to conform to
      their idea of a pretty header field. Such necessary or frivolous
      transformations can be detected by recipients and may rise suspicion
      about message integrity or authenticity. Continuance of the practice
      by implementors to place one SP at the beginning of newly generated
      header field bodies is encouraged in order to facilitate

 It is important to note that the header fields are not guaranteed to
 be in a particular order.  ...


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