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Re: 2822upd-04 field-name vs. line length and obs-optional

2008-01-27 11:26:47

On 1/27/08 at 12:29 AM -0500, Bruce Lilly wrote:

2822upd-04 section 3.6.8 reads in part:

   field-name      =   1*ftext

That specifies unlimited length, which conflicts with line length limits specified in section 2.1.1.

   field-name      =   1*77ftext

OK, this is amusing, and I think I'm OK with it. I do wonder whether the obs- syntax should retain the length limit.

2822upd-04 section 4.5.8 reads:

4.5.8.  Obsolete optional fields
   obs-optional    =   field-name *WSP ":" unstructured CRLF

[off-topic] unlike most sections, this one lacks vertical whitespace between
section heading and text.

It's an issue with xml2rfc I'm trying to deal with. Obviously we'll make sure it gets cleared up before release.

This one probably needs an obs-field-name as RFC 733 permitted space/tab within (but not at the start of, for obvious reasons) a field-name (and it is occasionally necessary to parse old messages).

No. 2822 starts with 822 as a base. We don't deal with many 733 constructs.

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