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monthly password reminders -- default to yes vs. no?

2008-03-01 11:14:24


A member of a mailing list I run complained about getting his mailing list password, in the clear, every month. Apparently this is the default for mailman and I hadn't ever thought about it.

Having spent the requisite cognitive effort, after receiving the complaint, I find myself unable to form a strong opinion one way or the other. (Which, by itself, might engender a strong opinion, but that's for a different thread.)

Certainly the sending a password in the clear sounds like a terrible idea and one might expect it to be enough to mandate turning the default off.
However, these are discussion lists, not mission-critical collaboration-and-sign-off lists. In addition, I find myself forgetting list passwords oftend enough to think that getting a periodic reminder doesn't seem like such a bad idea.

In other words, this seems like a mechanism worthy of legitimate pro arguments and con arguments.

So I thought I'd ask you all for opinions...


  Dave Crocker
  Brandenburg InternetWorking