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Re: Multiple message-ids.

2008-03-02 06:20:14

Dave Crocker writes:
So, Community, I'm querrying you:

   Do you see multiple message-id's in messages?

Yes, but very seldom. On the order of once per million messages.

   If you do, what affect do they have?

There are two varieties.

Sometimes I've seen repeated message-id fields. The exact same ID specified twice in the header of the same message. No effect.

Messages with two different message-ids also occur. In the real examples I've seen, both IDs were usually added in the same administrative domain, although sometimes I wasn't sure of that. This has little or no effect. More MUAs construct References from the first ID than from the second.

I've never seen a message with more than two Message-ID fields in the same header.

All this based on my corpus and YMMV and have a pleasant Sunday.


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