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YAM (Yet Another Mail) WG Meeting/BOF on Thursday

2009-03-22 01:37:43

The YAM (Yet Another Mail) Working Group is having its first meeting
this Thursday at 3:10pm.

The first part of the charter is reproduced here. The full charter text
can be found at

        Tony Hansen

YAM will focus strictly on advancing email-related specifications for
which the community already has some years of experience with deployment
and interoperability. Its function is not to reopen or reconsider
protocols -- if a specification is found to need significant technical
work, YAM will remove it from the WG's agenda, optionally making a
recommendation to the community about how, or if, it should be processed.

This charter's scope of work is the set of email-related RFCs that are
currently at Draft Standard. Each document will be examined, along with
its errata, and a recommendation made as to whether it should be
advanced to Full Standard, republished at Draft Standard or Proposed
Standard, or moved to Historic. This working group will not work further
on documents that are to be republished at Draft Standard or Proposed

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