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Re: [ietf-822] "--" first in lines to indicate start of signature

2016-01-02 17:38:54
"Murray S. Kucherawy" <superuser(_at_)gmail(_dot_)com> writes:

What other uses of "--" on a line by itself are there?  The only thing I
can think of is ASCII art.

Some people use it as a break between several thoughts.  This has probably
grown since Markdown started using three hyphens to indicate a horizontal
rule.  The distinction between two hyphens and three hyphens is the sort
of thing that people don't always get right.

That being said, the more common problem is software recognizing -- at the
start of a line as being the start of a signature even if it's followed by
other text, which runs into issues with em-dashes as represented in ASCII.

Russ Allbery (eagle(_at_)eyrie(_dot_)org)              

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