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Re: [ietf-822] Mail headers on crack....

2019-02-15 06:10:48
<valdis(_dot_)kletnieks(_at_)vt(_dot_)edu> wrote:

MIME-Version: =?UTF-8?B?MS4w?=
Content-Transfer-Encoding: =?UTF-8?B?OGJpdA==?=
Content-Type: =?UTF-8?B?dGV4dC9wbGFpbjsgY2hhcnNldD1VVEYtOA==?=
Content-Disposition: =?UTF-8?B?aW5saW5l?=

Ugly as it is, I can't find where in the RFCs it says this is a no-no. Or
is this actually wonky-but-legal?

Invalid, because ...

RFC 2047 section 5:

(1) An 'encoded-word' may replace a 'text' token (as defined by RFC 822)
    in any Subject or Comments header field, any extension message
    header field, or any MIME body part field for which the field body
    is defined as '*text'.  An 'encoded-word' may also appear in any
    user-defined ("X-") message or body part header field.

RFC 2045 section 4:

     version := "MIME-Version" ":" 1*DIGIT "." 1*DIGIT

RFC 2045 section 6.1:

     encoding := "Content-Transfer-Encoding" ":" mechanism

     mechanism := "7bit" / "8bit" / "binary" /
                  "quoted-printable" / "base64" /
                  ietf-token / x-token

RFC 2045 section 5.1:

     content := "Content-Type" ":" type "/" subtype
                *(";" parameter)
                ; Matching of media type and subtype
                ; is ALWAYS case-insensitive.

RFC 2183 section 2:

     disposition := "Content-Disposition" ":"
                    *(";" disposition-parm)

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