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Re: [ietf-822] [Tools-discuss] IETF mail server blacklisted by (was: I hate mail these days (was: Re: Deine Mail ist kaputt))

2022-05-05 16:26:29
A couple corrections…
(Sorry for the overly wide reply.)

See appended, CarstenB complained

I didn’t complain — I just informed you of information that I wasn’t sure you 
had (apparently it indeed hadn’t reached you in any other way).

about my university ( mailing system
rejecting emails from the IETF list mail  (from cbor mailing 
which he is admin of),

(Well, I had the list set up before there was a CBOR WG and I still get the 

resulting now in my membership (tte+ietf(_at_)cs(_dot_)fau(_dot_)de) in 
to be automatically blocked by the IETF mail server. And me not even 
seemingly able to

Yada yada yada (see mail error below), my university seems to use blacklist discovery, and the IETF mail server is actually 
on their Spam blocklist:

Yes.  This is probably related to the IETF mail server being moved to a new 
address recently, which may have previous dirt attached to its white shirt.

If i read correctly what they write,

Well, they’ll try to tout the quality of their data, but we do know that this 
is a hard problem…

Grüße, Carsten

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