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2003-10-27 16:43:34
Soooooo many of the lists I'm on have the reply-to header munged to the list that I forget to press the 'reply to all' button.
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Jonathan A. Zdziarski wrote:

How about an XML standard that defined ways that a mail server could accept/bounce/drop down a canyon/etc emails? The users uploads the file and voila, enforcement happens while email client is offline. Of course, it needs a nice SIMPLE GUI, etc.

XML is pretty bandwidth intensive though, as compared to some smaller
protocol.  If this were to become a widely accepted standard, an
architecture might emerge where you could have 100 "dumb" mail servers,
and one or two "policy servers" for lack of a better name.  In that
case, you'd want to have the most lightweight protocol for communicating
between them.   Maybe XML will work... hmm.
This XML file only gets transmitted when the user changes his/her policy. It resides for the most part, unchanged on the user's email server, telling the mail server the mail user's wishes by 'proxy'.

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