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Re: [ASRG] 0. General - News Article - Trusted Sender Programe

2003-10-31 08:56:56

Microsoft Corp., America Online, Yahoo Inc. and EarthLink Inc. -- the
top Internet provider and e-mail account companies that joined
together to work on the problem last spring -- are close to an
announcement on a "trusted sender" system.


Anybody knows already more about it?

I know this:  I know that my contact within MSN was one of the few 
ISPs I approached about betaing EDAPP who said that they were 
interested, but could not, because it was too close to what they were 
about to announce.  You can read about EDAPP at the link below, and 
see if that helps.  (You can also sign up beta test as a sender or 
receiver, which is free :-))


Anne P. Mitchell, Esq.
Institute for Spam & Internet Public Policy
Professor of Law, Lincoln Law School of SJ

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