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[Asrg] Exploits for identity

2003-12-23 22:42:15
What does the group think about formmail (cgi script) exploits relative
to new/modified technology to stem spam.

I just worked with someone whose simple "contact us" web form was
exploited in a slightly more advanced way than the classic

Bottom line is, spammer had unfettered access, sending mail from a
machine whose identity would have passed "authorization" or "identity"

I think the solutions that are evolving here have great merit, and
progress is evident - but this event reminded me about the scourge of
spammers out there and their willingness to misuse any system or
available component.

Is this type of misuse appropriate to consider in a technology change,
or is it better left to legal enforcement under unauthorized
use/access/etc. laws?


Tom Bartel

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