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[Asrg] Re: Wierd reverse DNS resolution might affect spam filters.

2006-06-25 11:19:28
On Sun, Jun 25, 2006, Douglas Campbell wrote:

I see it's there. Then why does the milter interface xxfi_connect() 
provide the untrustworthy name? I would have expected it to provide just 

Good question. Someone else already filed a bug report, so this
will probably be changed in 8.14.

The text "localhost" was provided to my milter by libmilter. So 
libmilter is not providing me ${client_name} in xxfi_connect(), but 
something else. The "something else" is obviously a successful rDNS 

           The  result  of  the PTR lookup for the client IP
           address.    Note:   this   is   the    same    as
           ${client_name}  if  and only if ${client_resolve}
           is OK.

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