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Re: [Asrg] Passive Spam Revocation

2009-10-26 06:56:19
Yao Ziyuan wrote:

Showing a message's spam status to the sender can be bad, if he is
really a spammer. So the page can also return:
    * SPAM STATUS HIDDEN. (A CAPTCHA is also presented below.)
This means the sender can solve the CAPTCHA to see the status and
change it to NOT SPAM.

This would solve the problem of spammers testing the filters without
solving the captchas. However, any automated mailing system would be
unable to take advantage of the system. If the goal is just to provide
an additional mean for people to check if their messages have been
delivered, this wouldn't be a problem, but it would require some changes:
- it would be useless to automatically check for the message status
(which would be HIDDEN anyway), unless you expect people to be willing
to solve captchas for every message they send
- message status should be availabe for a long time, since people would
use this opportunity only if they somehow suspect that the message has
not been delivered


Claudio Telmon

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