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2005-03-09 13:15:38
Matthew Elvey wrote:

FYI - GoDaddy now supports SPF and TXT but not CSV records - see 
attached (which I'll repost if it doesn't come thru as is).

GoDaddy started supporting entry of TXT records at least six months ago. 
I moved the DNS servers for several of my domains to GoDaddy just for 
that reason. The initial version of the Total DNS Control package had 
some bugs that implied that not much testing had been done; they've also 
twice unilaterally edited (and broken) my SPF records, I think in an 
honest attempt to correct problems I was reporting. The biggest problem 
for naive users is their SPF wizard. It generates V2 records only, and 
like every other wizard I've used it does a dubious job of guiding the 
user to a correct record.

That said, overall I'm satisfied with the result and with GoDaddy's 
support, and would recommend them to anyone who asks. They're making a 
serious effort to support the community in this area, and I think they 
are to be commended.

I haven't talked to them about CSV-CSA or CSV-DNA, but I certain will 
over the next two weeks. Their answer regarding PTR records is 
incorrect, since these are not rooted in

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