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Re: [ietf-dkim] DKIM BOF Chair Appointments

2005-10-11 03:36:01

Hi All,

Barry and I spoke yesterday and we hope to have another cut at
a draft charter for you to bash at in the next day or two. I'd
hope that we can make speedy progress towards list-consensus based
on that.

Having read the documents over the last few days I'd also like
to re-iterate Russ' comment that Dave and Jim (and all the
contributers) have done a very good job thus far.

Our goal is to extend that good work and have a BoF that succeeds
in gaining the required community-consensus in Vancouver.


Russ Housley wrote:
Dear DKIM Mail List:

In Paris, we held the second MASS BOF. In my opening remarks, I indicated that we should have called it the first DKIM BOF. The second DKIM BOF will take place at the upcoming IETF meeting in Vancouver.

I few weeks ago I notified Dave Crocker and Jim Fenton that I wanted to try a different approach for the second DKIM BOF. I really appreciate their considerable efforts as chairs of the second MASS BOF (a.k.a. first DKIM BOF). I sincerely hope that changing chairs will not cause any lost momentum, rather it will help focus activity on the things that are needed to get a working group chartered.

I have asked Barry Leiba and Stephen Farrell to chair the second DKIM BOF. I am quite pleased to announce that they have agreed. I believe that DKIM needs a combination to Applications and Security perspective, and this leadership team offers this necessary experience.

Barry has been very active with the development of DKIM, yet he is not an author of any of the documents. He has a long history in the Applications Area.

Stephen has almost no history with DKIM, but he has a long history with public key cryptography standards, including PKIX and SACRED. He has a long history in the Security Area. He is the co-chair of the SACRED WG, which will very likely be shut down before the Vancouver meeting.

I firmly believe that this combination of "an old hand" and "a fresh perspective" will also be helpful.

I have spoken with both Barry and Stephen. I have tasked them with building a charter that will have community approval. This must include reasonable milestones. I expect this discussion to begin on the mail list before the meeting in Vancouver.

Russ Housley
DKIM BOF Sponsor / Security Area Director

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