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Re: Filtering Infrastructure (was "Re: Who will write filtering scripts?")

1997-03-28 17:12:15
I think we really need to focus on keeping the base spec simple, and
compatible with IMAP and ACAP.  The simplest way to store the filters in
ACAP would be as one attribute, in the user's options dataset.  That would
give you the explicit ordering you want, but would make it a bit difficult
for some clients to deal with very long sets of filters.  The other
approach I see is to store each filter rule in its own attribute.  Ordering
could be enforced by an extra attribute (execute-order) which would contain
a number.

If anything, they should be in one dataset with 'sieve-filter' or some variant
as the name.  If we have to do individual entries for individual rules, any
sense of ordering or inclusion would become increasingly difficult.  Even
if we keep such elements out of a first draft, you don't want to preclude
them from a future draft.

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