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Re: Sieve Clarifications

1997-04-30 13:16:47
On Wed, 30 Apr 1997, Chris Newman wrote:

Section 2.5.2.

Also a useful section.  Need to add comments about how to RFC 822 quoting
of addresses is dealt with.  Remember that junk like:
   <"foo"  .  "bar"@baz.biff>
is a legal RFC 822 address, but for comparison one probably wants to treat
it as <foo(_dot_)bar(_at_)baz(_dot_)biff>

I'm not sure about this.  While a comparison in addresses should make them
the same, a comparision of From headers might treat them differently.  In
the document as it stands, there are no direct comparisons of addresses.  At
least, I didn't intend any.

Section 2.7.

Change the last SHOULD to a MUST.  A future extension could add a
test with a side effect, and it'd be good to have it's behavior


Section 4.1.

Need to precisely document the format of a bounce message.  How about a
MIME multipart with the first part containing the Sieve text and the
second part being the original message/rfc822.

That's probably the right thing to do.  If anyone wants to suggest precise
language, I'll add it; otherwise, I'll go chasing references before the next
draft goes out.

Section 4.2.
I'd rather not have "fileinto" moved to a separate document.  Sieve is
mostly useless for IMAP without it.

It's probably most useful in POP3 cases.  I'd like to just have an extension

Section 4.3.

Need to make it clear that this is an MTA-style forward (e.g. .forward
file) rather than an MUA-style forward (e.g. "forword" button on MUA).


Section 4.5.

I definitely think vacation support is a good idea.  It's incredibly
useful functionality which many people get wrong, so it'd be really nice
to have a standard way to do it right.  Of course this requires adding a
security model for dealing with the reply-history-database.

Should this be an extension, or is it enough to fold it into the document?
The reply database is a fairly large problem.

Section 4.7.

Need to discuss security impact of "toss".  ...


Section 6.

Last sentence contradicts the existance of "toss".


Section 7.

I'll probably remove the suggestion that extensions contain version numbers.

                                           Tim Showalter 

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