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Re: some input on sieve-00

1997-05-10 08:06:42
Ned Freed <Ned(_dot_)Freed(_at_)innosoft(_dot_)com> writes:
0.2 - Open Issues.

I'm curious why "fileinto" is being considered for moving into a separate
document.  Maybe I missed an earlier thread on this.

"fileinto" needs to be a separate, optional facility becase many
implementations will not be able to support it. It also isn't something that's
going to be at all easy to write a security analysis of (something the IETF has
gotten a lot pickier about lately).

That makes sense.

It might also be nice for users to not have to use quotes around words that
don't need them.

This is highly problematic, for the simple reason that it may have a very
adverse effect on future extensibility. The ability to distinguish between a
string argument and, say, a function that returns a string, is crucial if we
want to keep the parser implementable with single-token lookahead and the
language backwards-compatible.

And what happens if I want to add a function bart to the language?

Suggestion withdrawn.

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