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Re: draft-ietf-drums-msg-fmt-02.txt

1997-07-18 10:30:03

I took this response off of the DRUMS list because it is along the lines 
of a "me too" response, with a suggestion for SIEVE.

On Sun, 29 Jun 1997 21:42:42 -0400 Pete Resnick 

What DRUMS is referring to as "resending" and using "Resent-*" headers 
I've heard called "resending", "redirecting", and "bouncing". All mail
packages I've ever heard of use "forward" in the same way that DRUMS does.
The only place that the word "forwarding" is used to indicate what DRUMS is
calling "resending" is, unfortunately, in RFC 822. But 822 does not make
the distinction and does not recognize the act of sending a message as the
contents of another message. 822's use is simply confusing the issue, as it
clearly did in the sieve draft.

Making sure that this is consistent between the DRUMS (correct!) 
definition and SIEVE is very important.   User's will regularly use the 
definition that best fits their need of the moment and try to argue the 
point of what a forward truly is.   SIEVE must define it's operation as 
a "resend" operation, not a DRUMS "forward" operation.   The name of the 
operation should reflect exactly what it does.

It seems to me that there could be two operations:

"Resend" - redirect a mail message intact to a new recipient(s) with 
           "Resent-" headers.   This operation is used to automatically 
           redirect a mail message to another recipient without comment.

"Forward" - forward a mail message to a new recipient with (possible) 
           anotation text.

For the forward operation, I think that we should say it must be forwarded 
as MIME Message/RFC822 attachment.   I would actually use "MUST" but would 
accept "SHOULD" if people feel strongly about it.   I really don't care to 
coddle users who don't have a decent MIME mailer these days.   Get with 
the program :-)!

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