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Re: sieve: vacation extension

1997-12-01 20:40:49
Someone want to take on the task of writing a DSN document describing a
vacation reply?  I guess it's not a bad idea; having will-return-on-date and
other random contact information would be cool; a very smart client might
pipe such information off to a very smart addressbook program.  The vacation
draft need not reference this, but it could be nice.

SMTP level responses seem unnecessary and not that useful.  (Mail isn't a
good place to have information that seems more pertinent to something like

Vacation should reply to the return-path, and will in the next draft.

I believe that the time for repeated messages should not be related to when
the vacation command is used.  For starters, if Sieve scripts are stored in
a filesystem, it's difficult to tell how long the vacation script has been
in effect.

So it may be useful to allow the user to clean out the vacation database on
request.  If a Sieve script is stored in ACAP, there are probably some
really easy ways to do this.

I believe vacation should be forbidden from replying to an address ending in
"-REQUEST", or perhaps "-LIST-REQUEST", but I'm not sure if this is a really
great idea or not.  (Solaris vacation has this feature.)

                                           Tim Showalter 

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