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Headers for generated messages

1998-03-02 14:59:56
Hello people,

As I posted here earlier, I am working on a spam filter setup that includes  
(next to filtering) whitelisting and blacklisting. Whitelisting systems are  
prone to several problems, one of those is deadlock. And also, since  
headers can be easily forged, there is need for some special headers to  
recognize messages that are created by mail filters (mainly to make sure  
these are dropped in certain circumstances).

There are several good reasons to have these kind of headers.

I'd like therefore to propose that the following header will be part of any  
MFA (Mail Filtering Setup):


(Or any other appropriate name). This header will be followed by the MFA  
ID. Filters may use this to filter out messages or to decide not to send  
delivery failures or etc. etc. It is of course not meant as a authentication  
device as these headers may be easily forged.

I want to propose too that any MFA headers will start with X-MFA-.

The system, btw, will be available soon (as soon as I finish the documentation).

Gerben_Wierda(_at_)RnA(_dot_)nl (Gerben Wierda)
"If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there"
Paraphrased in Alice in Wonderland, originally from the Talmud.

Dass man fuer die Philosophie ein Interesse zeigt, bezeugt noch keine
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