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mailstore independence

1998-06-03 11:24:31

I've been thinking about filtering for some time but not been following
the Sieve discussions.  Hopefully I've read enough of the archive to not
sound like a total schmuck. 

After reading the -03 draft my issue is with "fileinto".  I don't think
the description of fileinto is as independent of mail architecture as it
could be.  The main issue is the wording "drops the message in to a named
folder."  While this are general terms they do carry some baggage.  
Rather than attempt a discussion I'll give a counter proposal:

    Syntax:      fileinto <location>

    The "fileinto" action inserts the mesage into the mail store at the
    specified location.

This avoids the loaded terms and hints of a specific implementation.  By
contrast I should point out that "keep" is quite nicely defined avoiding
these pitfalls.

Likewise, I think that any places in the draft that use the wording "the
message would be filed into INBOX" (notably in the examples for "replay"
and "support") should be rewritten as "the message would be filed into the
default location."  Even though they are examples "INBOX" brings some
baggage into the spec.

Hopefully this is productive.


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