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I-D Deadline Approaching

1999-02-16 16:03:43
Hi.  The Internet-Drafts deadline is February 26.  This leaves ten days
to get whatever we want to get done to Sieve done.

I'm attaching my current copy of Sieve, along with the current vacation
draft.  I will probably run ispell over them before submitting them and
may try to clean up a couple other things, but otherwise, I will submit
them to the I-D editor THIS FRIDAY, the 19th, for publication.  Barring
major mistakes, that will be the only submission I make before this

Please read through them and let me know what we haven't covered, and
what needs to be fixed.

Here is a partial list of recent changes that come to mind:

 * Multiple fileinto is ALLOWED.
 * Implicit keep happens only when no fileinto, discard, redirect, or
   explicit keep happens.
 * Some actions are mutually exclusive (reject and everything).
   This makes a run-time error.
 * Implementations SHOULD only write one copy of a message to a mailbox.
   This is defined in a very vague way.
 * Tagged arguments go at the front of commands, never in the middle.
 * Charset for a vacation reply can NOT be specified.
 * Subject line and additional headers for a vacation reply can NOT be
 * Grammar is written using a tokenizing approach instead of the
   previous approach cleaning up some ambiguities.
 * Except where I questioned them, I took most of the changes posted to
   the mailing list recently, including some suggested examples and
   Tony's proposed text for section 7, all of which have been added to
   the draft.

Please let me know if this is what you want.

Drafts are attached below, subject to the MIME-warping whims of my
mailer.  In absence of comments, I'll submit these as versions sieve-07
and sieve-vacation-01.

Thanks very much.

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